Date: Jan 27th, 2019
From: Michael Green, Founder CashFormula.co
Re: Private Invitation 

Dear Friend,


If you're on this page it means you've been invited by one of my personal friends.

And you just discovered a money system that could potentially earn ...

... you up to $5,000 per day or more.

Now listen up this money-making system could possibly earn you up to $5,000 dollars ...

... in pure profit in the next 24 hours or less. 
Yes. Really stop and think about 
that for a moment.
Now you might think what I'm saying is crazy or just downright impossible. 

But you can rest easy knowing that what I'm about to show you in this free newsletter is 

... 100 percent certified and true. 

And in the next two minutes and forty-five seconds. You'll understand the exact reason how 

... I could possibly guarantee your success. 

And how you could possibly make up to $5,000 dollars in profit per day. 

What I’m about to share with you could be just a few clicks and a few hours away 

... from possible making you up to $5,000 a day in pure profit.

Yes, up to $584 rolling into your account every single day.  

There's a very good reason for that which I'll get into in the next few minutes. 

Now you see this page you landed on is different from anything else you've ever seen. 

You've been watching other videos lately trying to sell you on a system for 

... cryptocurrency, forex day trading or even internet marketing.

You've probably been listening to people who wouldn't know a legitimate money-making system 

... if their life depended on it. 

It upsets me knowing these fake gurus have taken money from people who were just trying to get 

... ahead in life and in return left them washed up with no support and no one to turn to.
Well I'm flushing all that rubbish down 
the toilet today.
This is the last day you’ll ever have to worry about any of those self-proclaimed gurus. 

In fact, this is the last day you’ll ever have to worry about making money at all ...

Because today you could be lucky enough to make up to $5,000 a day or more 

Hi folks. It’s Michael Green.

They call me the green machine for obvious reasons.  

I can honestly say I’ve been truly blessed to have found this system. 

Without bragging I make more in a day than most people make in a year. 

I can assure you that you don't need to look anywhere else. 

I'm the real deal. And lucky for you I have a big heart too ...

So, take this time seriously. 

Tell your spouse you're busy. 

Go to a quiet place, lock the door, hide your wallet, and hang on to every word ...

This free newsletter is not long. 

But it has unbelievable power ...

... because it takes all the power the ultra-rich have. 

And puts it in your hands. 

It levels the playing field. 

It makes being successful possible for anyone anywhere regardless 

... of your skills or background. 

But first a little bit about me and where this system came from. 

Six years ago, I sat exactly where you sit ...
Well, probably even worse off.
I still get beads of sweat on my forehead every time I open the mailbox ...

I could pay a few bills, but it was one bill in particular I could never cover. 

... The mortgage. 

We missed one payment then another.

We fell 5 months behind ...

I was sure every day that there would be an eviction notice on our door.

My wife Linda and I were about to lose our home of 22 years. 

She was looking to me for help. 

... And I could barely look her in the eye.

As I was rummaging through a few bills I couldn't pay. 

My phone rang ...

.. it was my cousin Ray. 

I hadn't spoken to him in about two years.

He needed legal advice. 

You see my family and friends always called me for legal advice. 

Like I had time.

But hey no law firm in town would hire me ...

... because they thought I was washed up.
He told me he had good news ...
He wanted me to look over a new partnership contract.

 He'd just been named partner at FMS group ...

... one of the largest eCommerce media firms in town.

I'll admit I was jealous ..

.. but I was even more curious, 

so I asked him how much does a partner at FMS make these days.

He said around over 6 figures per year.

Wow, I said ...

He said, “Wow?” and he laughs, “that's my dry-cleaning money.”

What do you mean? I asked ...

.. I mean that's nothing.

I broker web traffic on the side. 

And that's where I make all my real money.

I just love my firm and you know work is my passion.

But I don't work for the money.

Michael, he said. I make thousands of dollars a year ...

I couldn't hold it in “Ray how the hell are you doing that?”.

He said it's easy ...

“My company controls millions of web visitors each month 

and they have this secret loophole I discovered ..."
My ears perked up ...
Yeah. Well knowing this secret is like holding the Holy Grail ...

“There are no losses with this system, Michael. 

.. Only wins. The amount of money it can make is infinite. "

It was discovered by a group of Ukrainian coders back in 2010 ...

They kept it to themselves for years until they eventually sold it to our company.

“Go on,” I said.

When I became a partner, I got access to all of their code and secrets ...

.. and learned how they monetize all the data and turn them into buying customers ...

.. for pretty much any niche or any website.

I said, “So what happened with the system?”

“Magic,” he said, I'll never forget it ...

... I started with just $1,000, and on the very first day it was $2,000.

On the second day, it was $4,000.

By the end of the first month it was $30,000.

Then things really started to get crazy.

By the second month I was at $250,000.

“And that's how I became successful, Michael.

I asked him if it required much training, and he said that anyone ...

... could do it if they had access to the system.

“Can I be one of those people?” I asked him.

He paused for a bit.

Then he said well I'll make your deal. 

With all the money, I'm making I need a good attorney to handle all my legal stuff.
If you agree then I'll let in!
“Are you serious, Ray?” I asked. “Can I show my wife and kids?”

 Well he responded, “Share it only with people you trust. Okay”

He said, “I'm serious.

You've always been there for me when I needed you and ...

... I know you've been going through a rough patch lately.

I want you to have it and be successful with it. I know you will.”
I couldn't believe it ...
But that's exactly what he said ...

When I got access to the system, I wasn't sure I'd know what to do with it. 

So, I called him, and he helped me get set up. It took around five minutes ...

He was right. 

This was something anyone could do. 

I had never used a system like this in my life.

Long story short I invested $200 to start

I've been doing this for the past six years working only 30 minutes a day ...

My home is not only paid off I own 3 different properties around the world

My financial problems are now a distant memory.

I really can't believe what my life is like now t's like I hit the lottery. 

I'm the luckiest person in the world ...

...  I don't deserve to be rich I'm just an old washed up attorney.

I don't say this to brag but to inspire you. 
But right now, stop! ...
I know what you're doing.

You're drooling over my success. 

Wishing it happened to you.


I want you to stop that.

Because you know what?

You’re next.

If you want it could be yours ...

This is the life you could be about to lead.

See what you don't realise yet is that you are just as rich as I am now.

I have no advantage over you. 

You're going to get access to the same system I use on a daily basis ...

Because with all the money I've made 
came a little bit of guilt. !
Guilt about the fact that there are other people just like you ...

... who are going through the exact same thing I was.

 They have no idea where to turn.

And if they do turn, they're turning to the wrong people ..

.. and getting fed to the sharks.

I want to help those people ...

... I want to make things right.

I want you to live the way I live in a land of luxury.

Because living in debt or paycheck to paycheck isn't living at all.

I can help you. 

And I'm going to help you ...

People say to me Michael give it up. You can’t force success on people.

It won't work.
Most people don't really want to 
succeed anyway ...
Well I once heard a story that clarifies that for me ...

One day the tide washed up thousands of starfish that were riddled across the sea shore.
They needed water.

They were dying.

A boy saw this, and he started throwing those starfish one by one back into the ocean.

The man said, “Boy, why are you spending your time doing that? 

There are thousands of them ...

What you're doing will never make a difference.

The boy looked at him, threw one more starfish into the ocean and said, 

“Well, it made a difference to that one ...

What's happening here is just like that story. 
I can't help everyone but I sure as hell 
can help someone ...
And if you're here right now hearing my voice that someone could be you.

I still have spots open.

Your life could about to change beyond recognition ...

I've collected a dream team of Cash Formula Members who have all been trained by my system.

They are all making thousands per day or they wouldn't be part of my team.

You could be about to become a part of this elite inner circle.

And once you're in you're in for life.

You could make amounts of money you don't even understand.

You could be a six-figure success story of mine.
It's called the Cash Formula System.
And I want you to stop believing ...

... and start seeing what my system is capable of.

 The Cash Formula System is hardwired right into my advanced loophole ...

... that could possibly make you affiliate commissions of up to $5,000 per day

I could run my business with my eyes closed and my arms tied behind my back ...

... and still make thousands a day. 

And believe me making this type of money never gets old.

Let me ask you how would you like to be one of these guru’s ...

... making the same amount of money, with just 30 minutes of work per day?
The Cash Formula System is 100 percent committed to your success. 
I don't care if you're old.

I don't care if you are young.

I don't care if you're nearly broke and living out of your mother's basement ...

This could possibly make you a bucket load of cash ...

Mark my words.

There’s just a small one-time fee to cover your package cost ...

Apart from that the Cash Formula System you pay absolutely nothing for.

I think you know why because we have all the money we need.

In fact, we have more money than we probably should have ...

It's a bit obscene actually. 

The point is we don't need or want your money ...

We are here to give something to you.
The hurdle of gurus constantly taking your money is behind you now. 
The only hurdle that is in front of you is getting in while spots are still available ...

If you do get in let me tell you. 

The life you know now is not the life you're ever going to live again.

You could be about to begin living the life of your dreams ...

... and that's going to be a big change for you.

You're going to need to know how to manage all the money you could ...

... be earning and learn how to secure your future while enjoying the present.

Being rich is an art you're going to have to master. 

But whether you master it or not it's coming ...

You could be earning up to $584 a day or more just minutes from now ...

I'm putting my entire reputation behind it.

Now I want you to know  ...
The Cash Formula System is 
100% committed to your success.
So, with all this money my system could generate for you ...

... it could easily be worth $2,997 dollars.

Even $1,997 would be a no brainer ...

$997 could easily justify the lifetime earnings ...

...you could be making with my system.

But I would be stupid to ask for $2,997 or $1,997 or even $997.

Instead I will let you gain access to my Cash Formula System ...
For a one-time fee of just $37 Dollars ...
This is just to cover your life time package cost that’s all ...

You could easily make that money back 15 minutes from now.

I want you to look at this as an investment into your future.

I’m also giving away a 60-day money back guarantee ...

.. just to show you how certain I am that you will make money with this.

So, you literally having nothing to lose.

So, don’t wait any longer.

Grab this once in a lifetime opportunity right now.

Remember you could begin living the life of an ecom millionaire ...

It’s very possible if you follow the Cash Formula System correctly.
Here's what you need to do and you 
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End the confusion and start living ...

You want to join the dream team members

You can.
All you have to do to get started ...

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From there you'll be taken to our members area ...

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So, go now to the next step put your best e-mail address in the form now ...

If you're still here. 

You shouldn't be. 

Just think about it if you do nothing, nothing happens.

You are pretty much guaranteed to keep living the same life you live now.

But if you take action everything could change for you.
You could be enjoying a worldwide vacation three months from now.
Maybe a wardrobe from Prada or a real estate in Beverly Hills ...

Who knows. 

Nobody knows unless you give yourself a shot.
So If You’re Ready To Join The 
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See you on the inside.

Kindest Regards,

Michael Green
Michael Green
Founder CashFormula.co
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